Monday, 9 September 2013

some interesting pictures of evening view from Victoria Harbour.

ifc is seen here.

ICC is seen here.

tsim sha tsui ferry site.

another night view of the victoria harbour :)

Hard Work and Dedication :)

As i look forward to carry on my small business to next level and for many years to come,i can see that lot of hard work and dedication to my craft have made this journey successful so far.
As a small business owner,it has offered me flexibility and freedom to take care of my clients to the best of my ability.
from business side ,i had to learn and handle many new things when i first started my own brazilian waxing salon in Hong Kong.
i had to learn the accounting,purchasing and bookkeeping :)
Every single day was an opportunity to better my customer service skill,my professional skill and to provide a great experience in my waxing salon.What i find the most valuable is the honesty,integrity,hard work and total dedication to always improving in one's profession.